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Web Crypto API & TLS/HTTPS

Web Crypto API does not replace TLS & HTTPS, in fact the Web Crypto API requires a HTTPS secure context in order to work.

TLS is a protocol to establish a secure and trusted client-to-server communication tunnel as a transport layer using strong encryption to serve content over HTTPS.
Web Crypto API is an interface made available for application developers to access various crypto operations enabling web application developments, with use cases such as encrypted messaging, encrypted cloud storage, document signing & sharing, data integrity protection among other use cases.

FortKnoxster uses the Web Crypto API in its advanced client end-to-end decryption design in combination with a strictly configured TLS and HTTPS.
Our code is served over HTTPS only from the origin and we DO NOT serve any external resources or cross-domain scripts.

Please check out our other articles, how we protect further against XSS & code injection attacks, phishing attacks and our use of Content Security Policy.


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