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How to buy FKX tokens

If you are new to crypto-currencies and would like to upgrade your FortKnoxster account, first you will need an Ethereum wallet (check our Knowledge Base if you don´t have one) and then, you need to purchase FKX tokens.

To purchase FKX token simply go to KuCoin and sign in or sign up. Please note KuCoin has various security measures including 2FA and Trading Password. Make sure you complete them all because you will need them.

Once you have logged in make sure you have deposited Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) by either transferring to your KuCoin Main Account wallet or by purchasing with your credit card.

Now you will need to transfer funds from your Main Account to your Exchange Account, this process will let you use funds to purchase Knoxstertokens.

To do so, in your main screen click on the Main Account, then search the currency you want to transfer, lastly enter the amount you want to transfer to your Exchange Account.

To purchase the tokens you will need to access the exchange, to do so click Spot in the upper menu and select Spot again.

Once in the exchange, you will be asked to enter your Trading Password to enable the exchange

Now you need to look for Knoxstertoken, simple type FKX in the search bar located on the left side of the exchange UI, immediately after you will be shown with all the exchange information for FKX.

To purchase tokens, simply choose Market in the order menu, enter the amount of currency (that you transferred before) to spend and click buy.

That´s all!

Now you need to send your tokens back to your Metamask or Ledger wallet to use them to Go PRO!

Please note KuCoin is a very complete exchange platform, if you are new to it we recommend to be very cautious and look for support in case of doubt.


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