Dec 26, the messenger application To Tok has been removed from the stores after The New York Times reported that the application was being allegedly used by the UAE government to spy on its users.

The application was a success in the UAE territory with millions of downloads, but no one ever thought it would end up allegedly being a tool to spy on conversations, files, and any communication exchanged by users

FortKnoxster stands as a perfect alternative for To Tok, the platform guarantees the privacy of your communications preventing malicious intentions from third parties, and as we are mentioning in this article, governments want to know everything from you.

“We take reports of security and privacy violations seriously”

Google spokesman

Using FortKnoxster as an alternative to To Tok is a must, To Tok´s removal from the stores demonstrates (again) the continuous desire for mass surveillance and manipulation.

FortKnoxster provides peace of mind for its users protecting what’s really important for them, their daily communications and their privacy. If you want your communications to be safe and secure you should try FortKnoxster and start using the best privacy communications tools available online.

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Update Jan 8.

Google store returned the app ToTok to the store probably after revising the code and making sure there was no violation of policies, however, Google has not made any formal communication about it and Apple is on the difficult task of deciding what to do.

The last communication was made by ToTok CEO saying they were working closely with the stores to reinstall the app again. Apple may take a bit more time due to the holiday season.

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